I need open space! Other people do not cause me comfort. The wildlife is what I appreciate. The further from the city I venture, the better I feel. The wind in my face, and the native grasses and forbs under my feet! Trails are my escape.

The hills, my ancestors. Their blood is tugging me into the southern counties, where the streams flow clear and jingle softly.

Geology tells the story of the ancient past of the area, and karst is the cave stone. I am a cave woman.

Biology tells you of the slightly more recent era of prehistory and is the cure for all ails.

Chemistry in the streams keeps the little fish alive.

Physics causes the water to flow downhill where it can me found my thirsty creatures like I. It dictates the creation of a watershed, and thus caves.

The Ozarks tickle my scientific mind and pull magnetically on my blood. My southern roots.