I was a member of the beginning band camp for high schoolers this year, so I had to come up to school every day and play tennis. Every couple hours everyone went in the gym and had a clinic with a different teacher. Finally, at the end of the second Friday, I was able to go home and have a vacation of sorts. However, most people stayed at school. I went to my grandpa Wieber's house on top of a mountain and learned to paint the sky and the fields below. I still had snapchat, and my buddies back at band were sending these stories. One was of them all sitting in a courtyard by fairmount. A selfie of sorts. But in the upper right corner of the screen I saw a grayish round speck...and I knew we were all in trouble.

I desperately sent my friend a picture back of me looking to my right, motioning them to look behind them. I teleported myself back to them and made them run as fast as they could. I brought the selfie friend to San Jose, California to escape. The object chased us all the way there and we were captured. The UFO pulled us in.

I figured out how to drive it, even though it was flying at 55,000 MPH. I decided I knew a guy who could help us in San Jose, so I pressed the "-ACC" button on the dashboard and we slowed down. The Gs were really bad and I was almost crushed, but I pulled through and took exit 185 off the interstate towards the shadier part of town, much like the north riverfront in St. Louis.

The place I parked my UFO was the AP Art guild, run by a hairy, thick guy in his mid-Thirties. I told him about my problem and how we needed to hide my UFO from the government. I described to him how it looked: It was black on the top side and had a twisted appearance much like that of a rotary engine. The underside was silver and shaped with a waffle pattern. Eventually we decided to test something by wrapping one of the apprentices in fluffy lined that smelled and looked like funnel cakes. That worked so we created a 5 point cross and wrapped it much like we wrapped the girl, unwrapped the apprentice, and then glued on a waffle pattern to the bottom of the funnelcake UFO. We then gave this to Obama and went back to school.

Apparently on our way there the aliens visited our bandmates and showed them how colored speres were split up to become the legendary Pokémon. Those part of a similar group, such as Yveltal and Xerneas, came from one orb that was split into several.