The coefficient of friction of my shoes on the pavement was not enough for me to get up the incline in an overpacked parking garage full of bumper cars.

I went to the lake an discovered a lot had changed. Much of the lake was not there. It was just the main channel in the middle, but on the other side it was not a hill. It was just flat all around which threw me off quite a bit. Also missing, I noticed, was the dream-channel leading towards the Russian farming community when one kayaks north. Nevertheless, I decided to fish for catfish. I grabbed a bag of cheezits and chewed them up, then spit them back in the bag. I also put other delicious-smelling things a catfish would like, such as some zote soap shavings. I placed the bait in the water with a hook. Soon enough, I felt a nibble. I know catfish don't like to bite and they have hard mouths, so I waited a minute before setting the hook. Sadly, my fish let go and swam away.

The water was a lot deeper at the shore than it should be. I casted again, but more towards the middle of the lake. I got a bit instantly and tried to reel it in, but my neighbor was drunk and shot my line with his rifle. At least he was steady... But I lost the fish.

I found it on the shore later with its head blown off.

I was performing some music with my mom and Danny. But it was also laid out like a play. The title was "Tiger's Egg". It required a lot of patience and everyone doubling on at least 6 different instruments.

Then I was back at the lake again. Perhaps these were all in the same place? I think the music might have been in the parking garage, which was somehow at the lake.

I casted once again, but I used a stick and twine and a large hook. I felt a large fish on the other end, and thought it must be a large predatory one. It broke my stick, and I asked Danny to hold that end while I pulled in the twine by hand. I saw the fish once I landed it: It was a crescent moon shape and 22 inches long from tip to tail. I initially thought it was some variety of smallmouth bass due to its coloring and fins. It was a mottled dark green with silver and yellow flecks. It also had pointy spikes and spines on its dorsal and ventral sides. It had the mouth of a gar.

I brought it into the kitchen in an attempt to get a handle on it, but it started to transform before my eyes. Soon enough, it had transformed into a similarly designed potbelly pig and was trying to kill me.

Then is was a goat with claws and the teeth of a monster. It leapt into my arms and began to eat my hair and shirt. 

I found an article on such a creature later. Its official name was The "Mother of Grendel" goat. It was native to the bottom of lakes in Croatia.