I was taking Hannah through Global Foods and she found something she really liked and had to find her mother. Then she left us. I saw something I liked: a large loaf of bread made from black rice. I saw on the sign that it was $6.75 so I asked if we could buy it. We did, but it ended up being $478. Oh well, it was tasty.

We found ourselves swirling in a whirlpool in the sea eating our bread.

I then found myself in an airport in front of a bar. Above the bar was a sign. The sign was a red circle surrounding a violet backwards S. However, the bar was actually a beauty parlor. I met Rachel N in there (she was a hair stylist) and lifted her into the air using my superpowers. Somehow I had become Infinity Aex. We left the terminal we were in, but there was supposed to be a high-speed airplane coming by soon. I cut Rachel out of time and froze the plane, then moved out of harm's way and pasted her back again. This continued several times.