It was finally time to visit, and  we met in this room that is a cross between my room as a child and my grandparents' old houses. There was a large wooden frame with a big wooden chest atop of it, and in front of it was a miniaturized version of my bed, but too high to be safe to sleep on. By that there was some kind of bunk bed, but the top of it was a bench, and that's where I saw Him. I licked his neck and we snuggled on the bench. The bench was wobbly, so we got down and headed to the store. By the exit to this house there was a mess of old blankets and a ring of couches surrounding a TV with an antiquated video game system plugged into it.

As I left the house, He stayed behind. We were going to the store to get some privacy, but He was taking forever to leave. My dad followed me immediately, much to my annoyance. 

This was beginning to piss me off. So long without one another and he didn't even talk to me yet; just stood there with a blank look on his face! Ugh!

I finally was reprieved when I got to the garden section and found some fun veggie seeds and a portrait of two baby goats. But the portrait was $130!!!


We went on a bike ride, west on the katy trail and into the mountains. I found a rest area reminiscent of the rocky mountains in Colorado mixed with Elephant Rocks. There was a wonderful cave-like cranny in the rocks where we shared affection.


I went on a trek around Lake Pinnacle, which was many miles around. There was a peninsula jutting out into the lake, 3 miles long. At the end of the peninsula was a round island with a derelict city and grown trees with vines. For some reason Jenni was with us, and there was deep sand to slog through to reach a stopping point. Scattered around this parched landscape of sand were children's toys, lost when the city fell. We came to an abandoned concrete pipe and huddled inside for relief from the burning sun. We tried to remove the sand from our bodies; it felt like pins and needles. We attempted to scrape our skin with the concrete to be free from the pain. I found some aloe in our pack and gave some to Jenni. I partially woke up and removed her from my dream, and was left with Him. We laughed together and I awoke.