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Anubias barteri x1

Anubias nana x2

Aponogeton madagascariensis x1

Bacopa monnieri x2

Ceratopteris thalictroides (water sprite) x1 (floating)

Cryptocoryne crispatula (balansae) x2

Echinodorus amazonicus (amazon sword) x5

Echinodorus martii (ruffle sword) x1

Echinodorus osiris (melon sword) x1

Echinodorus tenellus (chain sword) x2

Egeria densa (anacharis) x10

Lemna gibba (duckweed) (floating)

Ludwigia arcuata (needleleaf ludwigia) x2

Ludwigia repens (broad ludwigia) x4

Microsorum pteropus (java fern) x5

Sagittaria platyphylla (chilensis) x3


Use fine sand, dark brown or similar (15 gal) on top of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia (3 of the 9L bags)


160 gal

Bright light

Keep at 78.8 F

pH 6.6

8 dH

Aquarium evaporation calculations. g = (24hrs)Θ A (xs - x)

Θ = 25 at zero air velocity.

A = .8361 m^2 (aquarium surface area)

Room temp is 22 C and aquarium temp is 26 C. Use 759.9 torr for atmospheric pressure.

Full calculation parameters with 2 sigfigs is (7)(24)(25)(.8361)(.0047)(.26417)gal/week Calculated water loss to evaporation to be 4.36 gallons per week.

Maintenance ideas

Change 5 gal H2O per day. Pond pumps on timer, perhaps?

  • Water addition
    • Autofilled 55gal drum from tap every 10 days.
    • Use a heater to maintain temperature integrity.
    • Use chemical dosing equipment or manually dose conditioner and fertilizer.
    • Add a pond pump on a timer to add 5.62 gals per day. Can use pump GPH to determine flow rate and then calculate pump time.
    • Enters tank in back compartment
    • Could either write a computer program with data collection instruments to determine evaporation rate and adjust water input or use pump manually when the water level gets too low.
  • Water removal
    • Use a pump (could be powerhead), put it on a timer to remove 5 gallons daily.
    • That should enter some sort of water container with a hose attachment, and then water plants with that.
  • Some sort of back room for all of this.
    • Plant nursery
    • Pantry
    • Storage closet