Sophomore year finally began. I knew I had Mrs. Odle first hour, so I planned on going there, leaving my things, and going to hang out in the cafeteria. However, when I came inside Mrs. Odle's room, our teacher was already there. "She" told up to pick a seat and sit in it. I did.

Mrs. Odle was a man with curly black hair and spectacles. (S)he began teaching immediately by giving us certain words from a book that looked suspiciously like the Bible, and made us form a team with the people on our right to act out scenes that he made from the given words. The scenes were meant to teach us something about life or how physics works.

I was paired up with Sam Houmes, Laura Mielke, a tiny boy we called Hunter, Katie Lloyd, and a small selection of people from marching band. I didn't really understand the assignment at first, so I watched what they were doing and asked questions. We had to wear similar colored clothes.

When it came to be my turn, I was given a riddle and a box of plastic parts. Somehow, I figured the riddle out to be a model of Earth's orbit. There was a large sphere, a ring whose diameter was twice that of the big sphere, and a small sphere whose diameter was smaller than the depth of the ring. We celebrated my triumph, and we continued with the other riddles.

When we finished, it was time to go Griffin Running en masse. All the marchers ran except Jamesia, as her leg was still broken. She rode on a pool ladder.