Dad and Grandpa were sitting on the front porch when I exited the house. I'd just got done telling Andrew to meet me at the Kaintuck trailhead and i was heading out. A tall man that looked a little bit like the half brother I'd met in De Soto came walking up the porch steps and went in the house. I said Hi. He said that too. I thought he was Kyle, but in hindsight, he looked nothing like him. Whatever. I told my dad it was Andrew's brother, and he nodded in approval.

I found myself and Andrew walking on the trail, which was just south of Rolla. We found ourselves on an overlook of a field or wildflowers, majestic snowcapped mountains, and a bustling city. I was enraptured with the beauty. We gazed upon it for quite some time, then had to go home. I floated over the freeway and started heading home.

After a while, I'd lost track of Andrew. I waited a while on the shoulder and saw him on the other side, wearing a strange purple shirt that matched my own. We hugged.

I found myself in Seattle, as a man who could channel the One Power. My sister was missing, and I had to find her. I knocked down eight pieces of plywood that were nailed up somewhere, and Traveled to Mexico because I was wanted by the US authorities.

I used my speedboat to travel up the coast, when I saw an Indian settlement. I waved my arms and came up to their teepee. Little did I know they were US government agents. I Traveled back in time and skirted past down below the seacliff.

Further up the coast I saw my mansion, where my family lives. I Traveled inside and met my other sisters. (I had 4, now I have 3). One, a blonde with a sparkly blouse, had my other sisters (Another blond with black streaks in her badly cut hair, and a plump one with black hair) locked in a metal cage with a glowing blue bar in the center. I told my sparkly blond sister to let them out, and she did. I went in to guide them out. But she slammed me in. It was a trap! Sparkly Blond said, "This cage confirms that you're carcinogenic. Have fun!" and my other sisters giggle. As they giggle and conspire in a little gaggle, I Travel out of the cage and surprise them. Haha!