For some reason I had to get a job as a relay runner for Mr. Breuer. My endurance was surprisingly good. My feet hurt...

I was at home with my hurting feet, and I see a weird growth on my left foot. It looks like a frostbitten cow's teet. It suddenly falls off and I'm squirting blood everywhere. I panic and call 911. As soon as I hang up, the bleeding abruptly stops.

A police car arrives first, and the officer asks me what the problem is. I say that I want a paramedic to look at my foot. He motions to the firetruck behind him and they leave. The ambulance pulls up and for some reason Andrew's inside. We hug for a long time because we haven't been together for a few days, and then his face appears on my tablet screen permanently. It moves real time with him so I can always see him, even in the hospital. Then we say goodbye.