I was in my bathroom, and I'd built a bee attractor out of a big milk carton and some pvc pipe. After a while, I had to stand in the tub with the attractor and the water. I saw a dead bee floating around, but I was careful. Maybe it wasn't dead.

It floated towards me and unfurled its legs. A huge multicolored monstrosity, and it definitely wasn't cute and furry. It quickly crawled up my leg.

I'm introduced to a housing complex somewhere in St. Charles county. It seems to be in a more wild and hilly area with huge oak trees. Rachel N is with me, and she really likes the big trees. The housing is special; it's cheap and has many amenities. We go onto the deck and then down the hill towards the washing machine center (like in Leisureworld). A rich, snobby blonde girl I've never seen before walks over, and says her clothes become less buttery and more white when she washes them because the machines are so good. I didn't really believe her.

It was the wild west. I was a soldier.

I had to ride out with my company on horses, 3-4 to a horse. We were armed only with knives. What my buddies didn't know is that the other side was employing me too, even though I liked my company better.

The next day, I left the camp without anyone seeing. The other side had a plan to ambush my men. I was to ride with them.

When my company saw me with the other side, they were in disbelief. But they said nothing.

I held down one of my men with a knife to his spine, but I knew better. As the other member of the other side's group settled down behind me, I pulled back as if to stab by man, but instead sliced the other side guy's neck. I gained a cut on my hand.

"Lieutenant! What have you done!?"