I was an older lady that I'd been in a previous dream a year or so ago. Her wish then was always to get married and also to have a lot of money and make her own ice cream. 

I went onto my roof, where I had the equipment rooms. I froze some water and milk for later. Then I went downstairs, and found a good-looking older gentleman. His name was Andrew. Together, we went into my heated private pool off my bedroom. He had his arms around my waist from behind, and he pulled me gently around the pool while snuggling.

We went outside, hand in hand, young again. I found our fathers in a van and we had to wipe the sweat off them for some reason. So salty.

Then we decided to hike in the woods towards where reality ended, off US soil. The Aiel welcomed us, and took us to their home amond the trees with the small, sentient spiders. I had to let one crawl down my arm to witness the future.

We climbed down from the tree, and walked in the sand and saw prickly pear cacti grow. Small patches of grass grew. We came to a vertical hill with what looked like violet coral growing and the bottom, and walked straight up, and jumped. We flew back to camp, and were placed on a spaceship where the Aiel showed up the fabric of space, and how they could see it from outside time and take an image. Aviendha chose to not take the picture right then, as there was climate change occuring. Instead, we went to the future and examined the distance relatonships between the planets.