The band was at a school with a large set of stadium seats in an auditorium. We were there for a large ensemble contest. FHC had to meet on the edge of a  nearby lake, so I headed down. I looked behind me, and Andrew was there. I was rather excited to see him, so we hugged. We walked hand-in-hand to the lakeside. But one moment he was there, the next he was gone. I was a bit shaken and asked if anyone else had seen him. They hadn't. Ugh!

Soon I decided to get higher up so I could see farther and perhaps spot him. I floated ion the air for a moment and came back down. Nope, no Peanut. :(

The band contest was rather odd. I was controlling a frying robot that shot arrows with my mind around the indoor stadium. I was undefeated. Soon, however, Messerli fought my robot with one of his own which was impermeable to arrows. I picked it up and dropped it, breaking it to pieces.

We then went to walgreens to watch Mr. Griffin direct the Ferguson volunteer choir. He called out notes to sing and they did that.