Danny and Miss Kathy came over so we could go to the lake. First I needed to clean myself up a bit though, so I went into a public bathroom. My stall was rather large and had a very awkward viewing window, so I did my best to hide from it. In doing so, I fell in this giant depression that was meant to change diapers in. My hands were covered in dirty grime after that, so I washed them off and went on my way. In the car, we took a different way to the lake: one that took us west on 94 and then south to the Missouri. We passed through many little fishing towns and it was a dreary little day. However, we did get our hands on fresh fish (that I didn't recognise) and I got to snuggle with Danny. 

We came up to O'Fallon and navigated towards some kind of sword tournament: it was Woodwind God vs. Ravi Shastri. Woodwind God won and I got to meet him. He was disappointed I didn't go to FZN. 

Danny and I went into some kind of fishing building at the lake and met some dude with a net.