I just flew to America for overseas, but I can't remember how I got to Germantown in Pennsylvania. I am a tall, sinewy man with flecks of gray in my short, straight black hair. I asked the clerk in the store I ended up, and he told me to go to the bank. I was trying to look like I'm insane the whole time for my evil plan.

When I got to the bank, I withdrew $100 and then went behind the counter and pretended to look at all the other credit card numbers so the bank teller would think I'm crazy. I then went and bought a large rock.

I got home to my kid sister, who I was intending to terrify.

The perspective shifts to that of the girl.

My brother made me lie down on the driveway and threw his weird rock in the air. It came down right at me, like it had I mind of its own. I rolled and it missed. However, when it hit, it took on a blue-violet aura and bounced back into the air, higher than before. Again and again.

I went to school the next day and took a timed write, but Fay didn't give me a prompt, just a block of text. I realized I was dreaming and didn't have to do it, then woke up.

In marching band, we had to make diagonals and it was very frustrating. Mrs. Crepps was confusing us all and she said something about upperclassmen in this line and underclassmen in another, but I was in the underclassmen line. Katie Coffey and that one saxophone girl from alumni night were the only ones in the upperclassmen line.

Then we all went to Walmart with my grandma.

We went down the soda isle with Brandon and there were sodas I'd never heard of. Diet Neeko was what Brandon claimed to "live on" and he couldn't believe I never heard of it. Many of the packaging styles on the sodas I did know were either in black and white or their old designs from the 90s or early 2000s.

Grandma took me out of that isle and went towards the bread. For some reason I was in front of her cart and couldn't escape before she ran me into something and pinned me. Rather frustrating. It hurt quite a bit. All that for round, flat hotdog buns.

I woke up, expecting severe leg pain, but it was just a dream.