I forgot to bring the right instrument for pit, so I was unable to play in the church service. The pit was kept 300 feet above us on a platform, and there were guest speakers over a sound system every 10 minutes. The pit had a different tune each time. Eventually, there was one guest speaker who pointed out that a giant face popped out of a slot in the back of the ceiling. It was Colonel Sanders and I cracked up. Then everybody looked at me because I was the only one laughing.

I was some kind of special child and a man was searching for me. However, it had just rained so I stopped in an alley between houses to gather earthworms. I had at least 10 when they started growing and getting heavy. I dropped them and they turned into snakes. I flew away to avoid being bitten, and felt myself being chased. I found my home and had to prove I was me. I found my identifying Pokemon card and settled into bed.