Outside a creepy school compound inside the zoo, Fiona and that blonde Bari-sax player from honor band were sitting near a yellow and red muscle car with Chelsea, Andrew, Brandon Derksen, Kimani, Dad, Rachel Stepanek, Rachel Fortney, Michael and me. Then, a white-skinned Dorian Maldovar took up a microphone. (He was supposed to be Dr. Shick) He announced, “Today we’re going to challenge you to use this as a boarding school!” Then he ushered us all inside, with most of the other students.

We went through an art class taught by Mr. Z from Blake Holsey High. The bulletin board was down the stairs, and the building was circular. All our artwork was hung up, and this happened every day.

A few days later, we realized Dr. Maldovar was not treating us correctly. There were these liquids in the basement; one of them we figured was poisonous and explosive. That was mixed with water in the only container we owned, a water bottle cap. I was told to be the one who killed him, and it was completely legal.

Next time I saw him, I threw it. The green liquid was diluted with water to disguise it. However, he figured it out and sent me and my friends to be custodians.

This angered us, and we plotted for a means of escape. There were costumes in the drama department, and I put on a blonde wig with a red dress. To get out, we had to go through the cafeteria, where I found Mom drinking hot apple cider and eating banana flavored brownies.

She helped us escape through the zoo entrance, where there was a pack of dogs and chinchillas eating hay. I saw some cats in a different section behind a dumpster, and I visited them. Then we left. When we got back, I went to my room with Michael and we looked at my fish. As we were leaving, I saw that I had another tank in a corner by my book case. Michael left, and I woke up.

Dream of 3/14 2013