Me and everyone that has ever been in one of my social studies were going to school at a catholic private school. Ms. Niswonger was upset with me for not turning in the worksheet on the cotton gin during Reconstruction, but she let it go because we were at school AFTER finals. Mom picked me up from school, and it was dark and stormy. The clouds were rotating above, and a strange shape was seen in them. The storm sirens went off, and dragons came out of the clouds and swirled in tornado spiral shapes. The nearest one was miles away, but it was so large its glowing eyes could be seen.

The Tornadragon began advancing in our direction, but it was taking a strange, twisty route. One of its buddies was far off to the right. As it passed over unassuming pedestrians and motorists, they slumped over. They weren't sucked up, just knocked out.