I was exploring beside an old farm house, and I saw multiple frog species and a few tiny pigs. I ran away.

Brandon was busy retrieving special shirts for everyone. I got mine by a different route.

Mr. Messerli was lending out instruments to brass players in my basement. Someone handed me a "sousaphone", but it was tiny. Probably actually a soprano helicon. And it came with about 20 plastic, flimsy mouthpieces. I couldn't play on any of them.

Andrew was sitting next to me with a silver euphonium, bell down on his left leg. But it was rusty. Eew. I asked if I could play it and he said, "Maybe Monday, but I taking the bus home on Monday afternoon." It didn't make a lot of sense.

Mother was cooking potatoes in the oven, and I smelled gas. To prevent big explosions, she occasionally opened the oven and struck a spark maker in there to create a mini-explosion. My grandparents were sitting at the table with deer-in-headlights looks.

Sorry for the incoherence..."