Tobias, a man that was abused by his father, came to own facebook. Years later, he turned the color scheme of the website a bright green, and then went missing mysteriously. Allison, Alicia, Mya, and Michael bring an elucidator device and help to find what happened.

We all visit the office building headquarters, and search for him deep inside while using the elucidator’s invisibility function. Mrs. Wilson is highly perceptive, and has noticed the odd happenings as of late. She runs around trying to catch us, but we hold still enough for her to dismiss our presence. Later, we fumble around with the events in time, occasionally messing something up. Nobody seems to notice. When Michael and I go to band class, somebody in the trumpet section throws a paper airplane at us. It turns out to be Trennon. He somehow knows that we were time travelling, as he was having visions of alternate universes. He joined our team, we flew around in go-karts, and that is all I remember.